A dummies guide to business brochure design

There's no denying the importance of a good advertising campaign for any business. Whether you are a multi-national corporation or a small local organization, there is little argument about the powerful impact a brochure campaign can have on your business. Brochure design can play a big role in how successful your advertising campaign is, and reach out to an entirely new client base.

If you are thinking about incorporating brochures into your marketing strategy, you are probably worried about the cost of hiring a professional to take care of your business brochure design. Fear not, using the handy information in this article, you will be able to source top quality brochures for your business, without breaking the budget.

Business brochure design is quite different to designing a brochure for a small organization. Appealing to a corporate audience requires a bit more sophistication in terms of design and writing. In the competitive world of business, it pays to impress. Your advertising campaign should reflect the caliber of your business, but that does not necessarily men you have to fork out a small fortune to creatives and advertising agencies, particularly if all you need is some business brochure design.

You might not be lucky enough to be able to hand over the task of business brochure design to the creative department. But don't fear, there are many ways to make a sophisticated brochure without the help of a designated team of experts!

A brochure consists of the following elements:

  • layout

  • graphics/illustrations

  • writing

Ensuring these three elements are flawless is a good indication that your business brochure design will be fantastic. What sounds like a large job sounds much simpler when we break it down into three separate jobs. For a novice, usually the layout occupies the most time and effort. We have all had some experience creating graphics and writing, but fiddling with layout can be difficult unless you have a firm grasp of design principles and tools.

Making your own business brochure design:

Before focusing on the overall business brochure design, you will need to spend some time (and money) collecting your resources. If you already have a print campaign in existence, you might be able to use some of the catch phrases, which can be a useful way to reinforce your brand identity too. If not, you will need to spend some time crafting an informative and enticing piece of writing to use in the brochure. Keep text short and sweet, making sure to emphasize how your business benefits the reader.

Once you have the copy written, it's time to source some graphics. Your business logo will need to feature prominently in your business brochure design. You can also get some photographs, or other graphics to use in your brochure. Once you have all your materials together, you are ready to put it all together.

  1. Use a Microsoft template:

    Depending on the size of your business and budget, a Microsoft Brochure template could be all you need to do the job perfectly! Even if you aren't a Microsoft user, the templates are freely available on search engines. There are many advantages to using a Microsoft template, the biggest of which is that they are free! These templates are exceptionally user friendly, they have been designed to be easy to customize for your own specific needs.

  2. Enter "brochure template" into a search engine and make use of one of the many available options:

    Microsoft isn't the only company that offers free templates for brochures. A simple Google search can unearth a wide variety of free templates, many of which are as easy to customize as the Microsoft ones, with the added advantage of having fewer people using the specific template you have chosen. Many reputable graphic design companies offer a free sample brochure template for

  3. Buy a professional template:

    By making the decision to do your own brochure, you have saved a fair amount of cash, leaving some wiggle room in your budget. Use some of the excess to buy a professionally made template. Chances are, when searching for a free template that you stumbled across a few that required you to pay a small fee. Many of these templates are highly recommended and a fantastic way to end up with a professionally designed template for less.

  4. Hire a student:

    Students are often cash strapped and looking to gain work experience. What better way to help a student, while helping yourself, than to get them to do your business brochure design. By hiring a graphic design student, you can get a professional quality design for much cheaper. They may even be able to use their learning institutions equipment! You can find a student by browsing adverts in the classifieds in your area, or even an agency that specializes in student labor. You can also head over to the closest learning institution and post an advert on one of the many notice boards around campus. Making use of students has the added advantage of doing something good for the student as well.

  5. Make your own brochure from scratch:

    If you know your way around Photoshop, or even Microsoft word, you can put together a convincing business brochure design on your own. This can be very difficult, if not impossible for someone who is not technically minded. But if you have an aptitude for technical fiddling this can be a very rewarding way to complete your business brochure design.

  6. Be very aware of the colors you choose in your business brochure design. The psychological implications of the colors you use are well documented; a simple search can unearth a multitude of reading material on the best combinations of colors to use.

    No matter which of these avenues you choose to explore, make sure you don't skimp on the printing! If you can spend the extra cash on a full color, glossy brochure then it's essential that you do. Your consumers will notice the overall quality of your brochure first, before they have seen your snappy graphics, slick wording or overall business brochure design.

    Whatever avenue you decide to explore, doing your own business brochure design should be a fun project. You have the opportunity to promote your business, make good use of it!

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